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All Star Manufacturing. We are a design/build facility that manufactures pre-constructed buildings for a variety of applications including but not limited to Restrooms/Shower Facilities, Shipping/Receiving Buildings, Guard Houses, Equipment/Pump Enclosures, General Offices and Control Rooms.

Our buildings are fork lifted or craned lifted into place and easily re-located if necessary. We also offer two-story buildings and a wide array of building configurations. All Star Buildings are built to meet your specific requirements.

The AllStar Manufacturing Advantage includes a wide range of options and hassle free ordering. We also eliminate a costly installation and relocation charges (all of our buildings are relocatable with either a fork lift or crane) which also allows the building to serve a secondary use if necessary. By eliminating the “middle man” there is no convoluted responsibilities.


Today’s changing workplaces demand flexibility. AllStar Manufacturing Modular Buildings offer flexibility and can be used outdoors or indoors. Our modules can be joined for multi-room options or stacked for a two-story building. Because we deliver them in single or individual sections, you don’t have to worry about disassembly and reassembly, lost parts, or lost time.

Complete Floor and Roof System

Diffused Lighting

Interior Receptacles

Heavy-Duty Vinyl Wall Covering

1/8″ Industrial Floor Tile

We offer standard costs on offices at production line savings. You won’t have assembly cost, weather delays, or bidding surprises with AllStar Mfg. AllStar buildings may be depreciated as equipment saving you expense budget money for other projects.

These modular structures can withstand years of industrial abuse. With a 6” steel tube frame, floor joists 12” O.C., industrial flooring, 29 gauge steel siding, and a 4 mil. vinyl over gypsum interior walls, our offices and buildings are the toughest on the market. For long life, low maintenance, and easy repair, there is no substitute for AllStar Manufacturing quality. We are a design-build company capable of building to your specifications.

Our engineers can solve any space problem whether environmental, technical or functional. You can expect maximum performance from AllStar Manufacturing no matter what the environment. Exceptional moisture and static electricity control capabilities are standard. These buildings have full insulation on all six sides, thermal windows, high light levels, and professional interior décor. Blast-resistant/bullet-resistant/explosion-resistant applications are also available upon request.

Today’s workplaces need flexibility, and that’s what you get with AllStar Manufacturing. We work with you to arrange our modules in the combination you need and add the capabilities required by your work space.

Modular Buildings

Custom Built Guard Houses
Scale Houses
In-Plant Offices
Modular Offices
Restroom Facilities/Shower
Locker Rooms
Break Rooms
Pump Houses
Specialties & Bullet Resistant Buildings

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AllStar Manufacturing
PO Box 447
Nappanee, Indiana 46550
Toll Free: 1-800-922-0255
Fax: 574-773-7933
E-Mail: [email protected]

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When your company or important projects require additional space – we can solve that space problem, fast, efficiently, and competitively. We are space solving experts and we can supply modular buildings to meet every need.