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All Star Manufacturing can also attach exterior buildings onto your existing building with exterior to interior access. That’s why AllStar Manufacturing buildings are designed and built to change along with any new requirements you may have in the future. Company expansions, changing products, changes in plant layouts, and plant relocations can create a high demand for flexible space.

We design, fabricate, and install a wide range of in-plant buildings, including single or multi-story stackable buildings for quality control, archive storage, security and restroom facilities. Our in-plant offices can be easily relocated to suit your needs. All Star modules are fully assembled, wired, and plumbed, ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Fluorescent Lighting

Flame Retardant Materials

Built-in Weather Shields

Professional Interior Decors

Custom Electrical Wiring

Washroom Facilities

AllStar buildings eliminate lost production, and unnecessary foot traffic throughout your facility. By arriving assembled and ready for use, the above mentioned concerns are significantly reduced.